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What do tornadoes do?Edit

What tornadoes do is pretty straightfoward: they destroy. They leave a trail of carnage through forests, fields and  woodlands. Habitats are wrecked (animal's and human's), nests destroyed, and dreys overturned. Tornadoes means rebuilding and reliving.

What can you do?Edit

The best thing to do ina tornado is to hide in the basement, if you have one. That way, the tornado won't reach you. If you don't have a basement, go to the lowest floor possible and put as many walls between you and the outside as possible. Stay away from windows and loose items. If you live in a trailer, well, good luck! Trailers are probably the worst homes to live in if you live in a catastrophic event prone area (besides improvised shelters). If possible, escape to a nearby building's lower floors. If you are driving, try to drive to shelter. If none is available, park the car and keep your seat belt on. Then crouch into a fetal position and try to cover your body.